Firearms + Technology = Amendment2

Sisler Firearms merges our weapons with todays technology

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Custom Firearm Builds

Sisler Firearms can custom build firearms to fit your needs, or wants

Competition Firearm Builds

Over 100 competition pistols, and rifles have been built for several competition platforms


Sisler Firearms is interested in any, and all firearms. We can be your local FFL transferor for anything you would like to order

Firearm Repair

Firearms are simply tools at the end of the day. These "tools" can undergo quite a beating, and when they do, we are here to fix them.

Basic/Advanced Firearm Courses

Sisler Firearms offers a variety of courses for both pistol, and rifle. We are here to help with all experience levels ranging from basic to advanced, in-home to long-range.

Texas LTC Courses

Sisler Firearms is now offering LTC classes along with hybrid classes that can be used as supplementary classes for the Texas LTC.


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